PySS3 is open for contributions. New features, documentations, tests or bug reports are welcome. Following is the guide to contribute to PySS3:

Bug Report

If you have determined that your code doesn’t work and it comes from PySS3, please follow the following step to report a bug.

  1. Make sure your code is up-to-date with our current code on the master branch.

  2. Make sure to check the issue section before filing an issue on our github project. The bug might already be reported.

  3. Create an issue in issue section. Give detailed description of your system configuration: What OS you are using? What is the python version? What is the PySS3 version? In addition, make sure to include a complete example which we can use to trigger the bug.

  4. If you know how to fix the bug, please make a request to contribute!

Pull Request

If you want to contribute to our codebase, please send an email to to with subject “PYSS3 CONTRIBUTION” to discuss your plan which should include the description of the contribution (bug fix, interface improvement, new feature, new test or documentation) and potential interface (for code contribution). Once we reach the agreement on how to proceed, you can

  1. Fork PySS3 on github

  2. Clone your fork to local machine

  3. Inside the top level project directory, install the project for development purpose

pip install -e .
  1. Make a new branch for development

  2. Hook your Travis CI to your development branch to enable continuous testing

  3. Write code in the development branch

  4. Write unit tests in tests/ and run pytest to test your code locally

  5. Write documentation in tests/

  6. Make a Pull Request here