Tutorial Setup

To get started with the tutorials, we need to download the content of the examples folder from the PySS3 repo. This folder contains the dataset as well as other files needed for the tutorials. The faster way to do this is to download the entire repository either by:

  • cloning it:

git clone https://github.com/sergioburdisso/pyss3

Additionally, we strongly recommend creating a new conda enviroment to install everything we need for the tutorials, including PySS3. We will call this new environemnt “pyss3tutos”:

conda create --name pyss3tutos python=3


don’t have conda in your system? don’t worry, read its installation guide! :)

Now, activate our new conda environemnt:

conda activate pyss3tutos

Before installing PySS3, if you want to run the tutorials using the Jupyter Notebook, install ipykernel to add our new environment to the Jupyter Notebook kernels:

conda install ipykernel

Finally! install PySS3:

pip install pyss3

See also

If you want to install pyss3 using another method, you should check out the Installation Instructions page.